Established in 1978

High quality medicine that is affordable


Cosmos Limited

The brain child of Prakash Patel, a talented pharmacist who migrated to Kenya in 1958. He quickly realised the fact that almost all medicine was being imported from abroad. Good medicine was expensive and out of the reach of the majority who were low and middle income earners. This led to the formation of Cosmos and a dream to manufacture quality and affordable medicines locally. Not only was that dream realised but Cosmos has grown to become the most reputable pharmaceutical manufacturer in east and central Africa.

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Wholesale business acquisition and the start of essential drugs manufacturing .

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Construction of first site with capacity expansion.

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GSK and BI voluntary licence for ARV manufacturing.

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Construction of GMP tablet block. Business expansion into African markets.

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European PICS certification.

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USAID certification.

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Market leadership in Kenya.

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Expansion of product portfolio.


Key Strengths

•  Consistency in quality, affordability and availability.
•  Total trust and loyalty amongst our partners. 
•  A stringent no-compromise attitude across all workflows.
•  Culture of continued innovation and progress.
•  Skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce.
•  Investment in advanced and current manufacturing technology.
•  World class analytical and formulation development.
•  Strong relationship with international API providers.
•  A diverse range of products to cater for various sectors.
•  A strong regional distribution network.

A short video that highlights some interesting facts about Cosmos.


Human Element

Cosmos continues to invest in talent and a team of highly qualified professionals is always available for assistance and advice. Our forward thinking ability and exceptional manufacturing standards have not only led to consumer confidence but has placed us in a leadership position across east and central Africa.

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State of the Art

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is a testament to the fact that we have a no-compromise attitude. The medicines we produce are either equal to or better than the originator’s version. Studies conducted over several years enable us to compensate for any shortcomings via combinatons that increase overall efficacy.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Modern tablet manufacturing processor with a capacity of 10,000 tablets per minute.

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Bottle Filling Station

For the rapid filling of suspension and liquid based medicines such as our popular range of Coscof cough syrups.

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Stringent Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of our business and the lifeblood of our brand. Hence, it is the fundamental core of everything we do.

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Research and Development

Constant research, formulation development and testing takes place in our technologically advanced laboratory.

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Training Workshops

Regular training workshops are conducted by the best in the idustry in order to keep staff current and informed.


Our Track Record

Our relentless dedication, ability to overcome challenges and focus on quality have been the building blocks of our success. This reflects in our products and the fact that millions of people across Africa have come to trust and appreciate Cosmos medicines.


Diabetes tablets per  month


Cardiovascular tablets per  month


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Statin tablets per  month

“I was invited by Cosmos for a tour of their factory. I must admit, this was way beyond what I was expecting . A well organised, modern and clinical facility that exudes quality and precision.”

- Dr Tracey Osborne  (PhD, Internist)

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Cosmos Colour Brand

The Cosmos colour brand, various organs come together and overlap to form the heart.

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Cosmos Mono Brand

A simple and monochromatic version of the Cosmos Brand  that has been used on this site.

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Cosmos Slogan

Cosmos has earned the reputation that it enjoys and this reflects in the company slogan.


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