Cosmos Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Kenya, East Africa and whole Africa. Through our specialized Human Health and Animal Health.
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There is only one quality you can trust


Committed to maintain high quality standards in manufacturing and handling of life saving medicines.

Quality Assurance section is dynamic, with objective and scope to improve by initiating and implementing:

  1.    Regular training and SOP reviews
  2.    Self-inspection and quality audits
  3.    Management of Quality risks

Well qualified team abreast with day to day updates in the pharmaceutical industry to cope up with current regulatory requirements.

Systems and procedures are designed to comply with global regulations.


  • Managed by qualified and well trained staff.
  • Equipped with advanced sophisticated instruments.
  • Separate microbiology lab.
  • 6 Stability chambers for different conditions ensuring quality in extreme conditions.
  • Retention rooms to store control samples.

General FAQS

Improving The Health And Quality Of People’s Lives Worldwide

Cosmos is committed to being a global leader in improving the health and quality of people’s lives worldwide. We focus on the development, manufacture and sale of quality generic, specialty branded pharmaceuticals, biologic and medical devices around the world.

Cosmos is committed to adherence to all applicable regulatory requirements and the highest industry standards. We are committed to maintaining quality by all employees at all levels throughout our enterprise.

Cosmos ensures compliance by continuous assessment and monitoring of the output of the existing quality systems, and application of evolving industry guidelines and regulations.

Quality is the responsibility of every Cosmos team member. It is achieved by teamwork and commitment. The name Cosmos represents the standard of quality to our employees, our customers and the communities in which we wor

Why Is Cosmos A Regional Leader In Generic Pharmaceuticals?

Since it was founded in 1978, and for over 3 decades, Cosmos Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has been pursuing the same goal: to make high-quality products accessible to more people and more patients around the world. The scale of our operations, our exceptional know-how and our in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical business made us the regional’s leading generic pharmaceutical company. Cosmos is first to bring you the latest drug developments, first to introduce the most advanced dosage forms, first to meet the highest quality standards, and first to offer the most competitive prices.

What Are Generic Drugs?

Generic drugs offer a therapeutic alternative to innovative drugs. They contain the same active ingredients as the original innovative products, and are available in the same strengths and dosage forms as the original.

Are Generic Drugs Safe?

A generic drug is bio equivalent to the original innovative drug and meets the same quality standards. The active ingredient, the content, the dosage form and the usage of a generic drug are similar to those of an innovative drug. Generic drugs are essentially the same as the original drug, but are offered at a lower price

What Does Bio equivalence Mean?

Bio equivalence demonstrates a similar profile of behavior of two products in the human body, in terms of the rate and extent of absorption of the active pharmaceutical ingredient from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to the blood stream. Bio equivalence study is a regulatory requirement and is performed for all generic drugs to ensure their efficiency and the safety.

Does Every Drug Have A Generic Equivalent?

As long as a drug is protected by patents, a generic alternative can’t be launched. Sometimes a generic version is approved and available in a specific country or countries, while unavailable in others. However, with the growing emphasis on generics, multiple generic versions of an innovative drug are often developed around about the time it becomes “off patent”. Nonetheless, in some instances, even after a patent has expired there is no generic alternative. This may happen due to cost considerations, in cases of drugs designed for a limited use or requiring complex manufacturing processes.

Does The Generic Drug Look The Same As Its Original Equivalent?

Sometimes the generic version of a drug may have a different color or shape from its innovative original, but these changes do not affect the drug’s attributes.

Why Are Generic Drugs’ Names Different From The Original Drugs' Names?

Regulators demand that generic drugs be given a different name from the original drugs, in order to avoid confusion. Typically, the generic name of a drug is based on the name of its API, whereas the names given to original drugs are intended for marketing purposes.