In Africa we have a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Cosmos Management


Dr. Prakash K. Patel, the founder with 6 decades of experience created this company with a vision to provide appropriate, efficacious ,quality & economical formulations for Kenya & neighboring countries.

Dr. Prakash K. Patel


Cosmos limited is a limited liability corporate entity. It is managed by a Board of Executive Directors, who between them have over ten decades of relevant professional experience in management. Their focus is on all the strategic functional areas of marketing, finance and administration, production and quality control.

Our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Prakash K. Patel is the founder of our company who has decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. As a pharmacist, his career has covered the retail, wholesale and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Cosmos Limited was created as a vision to provide appropriate, efficacious, quality and economical formulations for Kenya and our neighbouring countries. His vision was to leave behind a legacy incorporating self sufficiency in the provision of pharmaceutical products as a component of the health care system.

For the realisation of this aim, he constructed a company with a management board of directors. Subsequently he employed a number of professional managers in the company to head all the strategic departments of the company. These managers brought with them their experience and professionalism.

Laxman K Varsani

Executive Director

Vimal P Patel

Executive Director