Cosmos QC.

Quality Control

At Cosmos, quality symbolises the fundamental principle of responsibility that has absolute and uncompromising priority. It is not merely a slogan, but the attainment of measurable, homogenous and uniformly high quality products in a continously replicable manner in the most important feature of our products.

Our rigorous procurement policies, refined process inspections, final inspections and testing systems, all guarantee high quality final product. The good manufacturing and laboratory practice guidelines are the benchmark for all activities at Cosmos Limited.

We believe that quality is a continuous challenge, which has to be worked on every hour, day, week, month and year. In pursuit of the challenge, we regularly consult outside experts and laboratories as well as open our doors for inspections and study. We offer our employees training programmes devised by the best-known authorities, and optimise our inspection and control systems, such that at Cosmos, quality is a way of life.



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