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At Cosmos, we have a strong belief that the company’s success is the outcome of our employee’s achievement of personal and professional goals. We are an ever changing and challenging place to work – a place where opportunities are ever present for new and current employees.

Our values provide the overall direction for our company, and provide us with the tools necessary to rise to any challenge by leveraging our collective hard work and effort along with our unwavering competitive spirit. These values: ethics, accountability, creativity and entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, speed, transparency, and teamwork and talent development; help us set goals based on our organization’s potential and what we hope it will become.

Cosmos will accomplish its commitment to diversity and inclusiveness by simultaneously nurturing the diversity of thinking, ideas, and outlook that already exists in Cosmos workforce, and through consistent and aggressive efforts to attract, develop and retain talented people with a variety of perspectives from all backgrounds and cultures. We believe that working in an environment that enables them to apply their collective talents to our shared principles and commitments, delivers the greatest value to our customers, employees and shareholders alike.

We are continuously looking to hire individuals who are determined to be part of the success of our company. Cosmos offers a competitive salary, benefits, and a broad spectrum of strengths and interests that may fit your skills.


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Joining the Manufacturing capability means you ’re always finding ways to improve our products. Whether optimizing a manufacturing site as part of Strategy, leading day-to-day work as part of Operations or working within the areas of development rationalization, capital and capacity management, engineering, operational excellence and environmental health and safety, your goal is the same: Increase efficiency, reduce costs, set and exceed quality standards and ensure the supply of high quality medicine.


As part of the Quality capability, you may work in operations, systems or compliance. Each department is responsible for ensuring all Cosmos medicines are safe and effective and meet our customers’ needs. Members of the Quality team all share a passion for detail. In fact, our Quality Assurance team helped develop a quality control system.

Supply Chain

As part of the Supply Chain capability, employees are responsible for coordinating communications, eliminating bottlenecks, ensuring transparency and optimizing efficiency between Cosmos and our suppliers, resellers and consumers. Meeting these challenges means that Cosmos consistently delivers the right amount of product to our customers.