Wellbeing for Africa

Active ingredients: talent and technology


Good Health

Nothing is more important than good health. Cosmos encourages good health through workshops, training seminars and programmes designed to create awareness for the benefit of the people at a regional level. It’s time to take charge of your health in an intuitive, responsible and informed manner.

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Probiotic Formula for Healthy Gut

Cosflora is a multi-faceted probiotic formula designed to reach the gastro-intestinal tract through a protective matrix. It simultaneously repairs the lining of the intestinal tract to restore gut health and immune function.


Comes First

We understand the importance of family wellbeing and the stress and challenges that family members go through when a loved one is unwell. Cosmos has been working tirelessely for over three decades in order to give everyone access to quality and affordable medicines.

Coscof DM
Coscof C

Coscof Syrups

A comprehensive range of effective cough syrups that have been specially formulated to deal with different cough conditions.


Rays of Light

Finally, beaming rays of light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve been instrumental in disbandoning the myth that Kenyan manufacturers can never reach or surpass international standards. Cosmos has achieved that goal and has attained numerous certifications and awards. Today, the company has global recognition for its excellent products.

We’ve laid a solid foundation and stand behind our commitment to develop a diverse range of high quality medicines that are affordable.