Cosmos Pharmaceutical Limited | Top Pharmaceutical company in Kenya and East Africa
Cosmos Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Kenya and East Africa. Through our specialized Human Health and Animal Health.
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Company Profile


The importance of medicines can only be realized if they are readily available when required. With that in mind Cosmos started in 1978 with the sole aim of manufacturing quality medicines at an affordable price for Kenyans.


At Cosmos we believe quality is of paramount importance and there is only 1 quality when it comes to medicines. Adhering to strict Good Manufacturing Practices we are able to achieve this through both public and private partnerships.


With over two hundred registered products, Cosmos’s aim was to increase the quality of life, convenience and compliance for the people.


Cosmos is now a 3rd generation family business of technocrats that has grown to have a presence in 9 Sub Saharan African countries and employ 500+ people.


Our aim is to gain international recognition as East Africa’s leading Manufacturer, through offering the latest treatments at affordable prices.



Cosmos Limited

Company Profile

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Cosmos Limited

Human Price-list

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Cosmos Limited

Veterinary Price-list

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Mission Statement.

  • Vision: Self sustainable healthcare for East Africa driven by quality and affordability.
  • Mission: To create and facilitate the development of value-added Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Strategy: Use high quality materials and production technology to develop highly efficacious products with constant supply.
  • Goal: Obtain international pharmaceutical standards.
  • Objective: Become a market leader in key disease areas
  • Action Plan: Constantly invest in new technology to build new brands that patients can trust.

Our Strength

  • Clear Vision of the company
  • Emphasis on Quality
  • Experienced, Motivated and Committed staff
  • Sophisticated and latest manufacturing equipment
  • World Class Analytical Facility
  • Well equipped Formulation Development facility
  • Strong relationships with suppliers worldwide
  • Broad range of products and segments
  • Highly flexible to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Managed by  eminent Board of Directors and supported by experienced Technical  Staff.